Sales enablement

Streamline your business with a smoother sales process that saves both time and money. Sales enablement automates boring administration and frees up time for salespeople to win more business. Through better and automated administration, built-in reporting, templates, forecasts and visualization of the customer's journey, you can ensure that the sales department works in the same direction - once and for all.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement equips your salespeople for today's challenges

Sales enablement equips your salespeople for today's challenges
Sales enablement is about providing salespeople with the information, tools and material they need to engage customers and close more business. As the name suggests, the purpose is to create good fit opportunities for the sales team to perform their job in a better way. A sales rep's everyday life is complex. Customers' digital relocation demands a hybrid salesperson who is strong, both online and offline, with all that entails.

By giving salespeople the right prerequisites to focus on the most important thing - namely sales - you will see better results in regards to closed deals and happier colleagues.

Capture customers when they are ready for the sales pitch

Each purchase involves a customer journey. The bigger the purchase, the longer the journey tends to be. When you work with sales enablement, the seller takes over when the customer has come juuust far enough in their buying journey to be contacted.An active collaboration between sales and the market is crucial. Since today's customers spend more time on their own research digitally, also in B2B, inbound marketing is the smartest way to attract and warm customers in the first part of the journey. A sales rep then takes over and guides the customer to the end goal. When the seller makes contact, the customer already knows a lot about your company and your actual offer. The seller also knows a lot about the customer, because the history of touch points and footprints from your website is collected on the contact card. It creates more meaningful dialogues and the seller can focus on the closing - effectively for both the customer and you. With sales enablement, there is also support for refining, measuring and supporting the entire process and creating an optimal and seamless customer journey until a purchase - and beyond.

Automatically measure your sales activities

Everyone who has worked as a sales rep knows that reporting and administration is not the funniest part of the role. The consequence is that the sales team is careless with data, which is critical for sales managers and management to be able to follow up, measure results and create forecasts based upon. Within sales enablement, all reporting is automated. This means that the seller's calls, emails and meeting bookings are logged in real time. The activities become automated reports that give the team and the sales manager an overall picture and detailed information about everything that is going on within the sales department. Best of all? The sales reps do not have to have a bad conscience about the administration, and the sales manager does not have to bother with the reporting.

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Smarter sales with HubSpot Sales Hub

Offer a user friendly all-in-one solution for the sales people

HubSpot Sales Hub is the most powerful system for building sales enablement on the market. It’s also easy to understand, regardless of prior knowledge. HubSpot provides user friendly tools and features that enables a smoother process with the aim of selling smarter - and selling more.

As a top HubSpot partner, we will help your sales team customize your sales enablement platform in HubSpot. The platform will be the source of truth for the sales team and the go-to place for customer journeys, insights and reporting. When the sales department works in the same way and in the same system, you will have a top tier sales support that will make your organization more fast-paced and efficient.


Automate one-to-one communication

Imagine that you get five new hot leads. These leads are then added to a sequence that starts with an intro email in the style of “Hi Linda! Hope all is well with you. Super happy that you’ve shown interest in our services! I will contact you shortly…” After that, a series of personally designed emails will automatically be sent according to a predetermined pattern/logic with the goal of getting that first booked meeting with the client. All this is going on while you are sitting in customer meetings or ticking off something else that is more valuable.

Emails are automatically being sent until you decide to stop them manually, or until the customer either replies, books a meeting or until you manually invite the prospect to a meeting. If something of the above happens, the send-outs will end immediately. It sounds simple - and it is. But above all, it is an effective way to increase the number of relevant opportunities at the right time, without lifting a finger.


Build a unified sales process for the entire team

A uniform and proven process benefits sales, regardless of industry. Still, sales teams repeatedly create their own homebuilt solutions to create better results. Therefore, it is extra important to make the sales process an aid that facilitates rather than being a hassle.

One of the most useful features of the HubSpot Sales Hub is that you can create a customized deal pipeline - a kind of template and structure for your sales process. You build the process in steps that make it clear to the sales rep what is happening and in what order.

With a good deal pipeline, you’ll create a sales process in HubSpot Sales Hub in a clear and educational way. The benefits of this include:

  • An easy and repeatable process every time
  • All customers to get an equal experience
  • That as much as reasonable of your sales process is automated

Ask the right questions with pre-defined templates

By connecting meeting templates and playbooks to each step of the sales process, you can ensure that each salesperson asks the right questions at the right time. Having a template to lean back on also becomes a source of security for the seller.

Let’s say you are a sales rep in a step specified as a “qualification call” and you should call the customer to discuss qualifying questions and find out if the customer is relevant. You use the template that clarifies what information is to be gained and what questions that should be asked - for example the current solution the customer uses today.

If the answer to a question is critical, this insight can also be classified as mandatory. This means that you, as a sales rep, are unable to move the deal card further in your sales process without having filled in the needed insights to what solution the customer is using today.


Right conditions = better deals

By setting up unified processes in an easy-to-navigate platform, you will succeed with the art of gathering all sales activities in one place. With support from tools, that are based on simplicity and that reduce the friction for the sales team, you can create the best possible baseline for your sales reps to succeed in today's complex reality. And when you put both the seller's and the customer's best in focus, you also set the foundation for very good results.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Sales enablement vs sales automation - what's the difference?

Sales automation is only a small part of sales enablement. While sales enablement is a method for streamlining all work in the sales department, sales automation is an automated flow that helps the sales rep in a specific part of the prospect communication.

How much does HubSpot Sales Hub cost?

Because your business dictates how you will use the tool, it is not possible to set an exact price tag. If you want to deep dive and form your own idea of what your price picture can be, we recommend HubSpot's own price list for Sales Hub. We also recommend that you book an appointment with our advisors to get guidance on buying HubSpot Sales Hub.

Will there be more administration for the sales reps using sales enablement?

Actually the opposite! A sales rep who has started with sales enablement becomes much more structured. With all the possible automation via sales enablement, the result will be a sales rep that spends significantly less time on administration once you have the new process in place.

Will sales enablement deteriorate the personal relationship with our customers?

Absolutely not! Everything that is built up with sales enablement is there to streamline and at the same time improve the personal relationship. You will quickly notice that customers who receive good and clear information, along with a personal dialogue, feel very well taken care of. That's the whole point of sales enablement.

How much training is needed to start with sales enablement?

Probably less than you might think. It is usually not difficult to get the sales rep to understand how it works. The challenge is to get through the behavioral change. Once you have succeeded, we can almost promise you that the sales reps will never want to stop.