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Recruitment marketing is for you who dare to win

This is for you who want the sharpest candidates. Who is harder to get. The battle to win is no longer about the services or products you offer your customers. It is the battle of the people who create business success together with you. But you already know this. The question is: with your current methods, do you reach the people you need to recruit to invest in the future?

The insights of recruitment industries meets the methods of the agencies

Everything is changing, so is the way of working. Although the reality is more challenging today, many companies use exactly the same methods for attracting and recruiting as they did several years ago. You might be wondering how many people actually apply through an ad on a traditional job site? And who sees it? We can put it straight: it's time to rethink.

When you collaborate with us in recruitment marketing, you get the best of both worlds. Our Recruitment Marketing Manager Annika Bagge has previously been the CMO at one of Sweden's leading recruitment companies and will be your closest contact person from our side. Her deep knowledge in HR and recruitment is combined with the agency expertise that has made Invise one of Sweden's most awarded agencies in digital marketing. In combination with your knowledge of your brand, specialist needs and employer brand, we have the best possible foundation for a successful recruitment marketing effort.

A selection of our customers

Totalt omtag av hela den publika karriär- och employer branding-plattformen för ICA Gruppen genom strategi, content och UX-design.

Mångårigt samarbete med stort djup som utvecklat Ludvig inom både marknad, sälj och teknik.

Nära samarbete med Vattenfalls B2B-avdelning med fokus på strategi, teknik, säljprocess och optimering.

Employer branding-kampanj med fokus på performance, content, video och design som gav +79% besök på karriärsidan, +94% ansökningar och +127% kallade till intervju.

Resultatstyrt samarbete över flertalet områden från strategi till ABM, säljprocess, teknisk integration, content och performance marketing.

Framgångsrik kampanj för att attrahera de bästa medarbetarna inom kategorin Young Professionals genom recruitment marketing och content, video, design och performance.

HubSpot är ett viktigt verktyg för Tink, och som ledande HubSpot-byrå i Norden har vi på Invise hjälpt till att strukturera sälj- och lead management-processen.

Nära samarbete för att utveckla ny hemsida med fokus på webbutveckling, UX-design och UX-writing som växt till att omfatta strategi, kampanj, performance marketing och mycket mer.

Engage the right candidates all the way


Attraction is number one in recruiting. Being the company that the best people want to call their workplace. It's about getting to know your candidates, mapping their needs and matching it with your offer. Based on that, you can, with the right message, the right channels and clear goals start the journey towards attracting more and more relevant candidates.



Engagement is what takes the interest further. This is built in small steps by making your employer brand visible in everything from website, social media to email communication. With personalized content and a well-designed candidate journey, you’ll create a strong experience that builds bonds between you as an employer and the candidates you are looking for.



When relevant candidates begin to become future employees, it is time to present a specific role. Here, a smart mix of content is needed to capture the candidates in their different steps. For example, video is effective in advertising, while a well-written job advertisement highlights the value and provides an in-depth picture of both you as an employer and of the current role. In the employment phase, the personal meeting is also important to make the match complete. Once you have signed a contract with the new employee, the next step begins in the form of pre- and onboarding.


Five steps excelling in recruitment marketing

Strategy and goals

We always start a partnership by together defining your goals and developing a results-oriented model for how you should attract, engage and nurture candidates. This work can, for example, include employer brand, target group mapping (candidate personas), inbound recruiting, data-driven recruitment and KPIs.

Creative production

Once we have decided what content we need, it is time to involve creative specialists to develop the right assets to strengthen your employer brand. Everything from video, copywriting and design of career pages, social media and advertising.

Create engagement

In order to reach the right candidates in an effective way, we need to create commitment among your employees and start working your networks. This is where strategies for content marketing, marketing automation and campaigns join in.


A modern HR team needs to be up to speed on what’s happening in the areas of recruitment, marketing and tech. For those of you who work within HR, you’ll learn a lot from our courses, lectures and workshops. We’ll provide you with an all-access-pass to new insights and experiences from the most cutting-edge recruitment companies, and learn more about the techniques used by successful marketing departments. Go to our webinars here.

Technical setup

A solid technical setup and smart integrations doesn't only make your systems talk to each other and create a flow in yours and your colleagues' work. It also allows a large part of the work to be automated while creating a seamless candidate experience.

Recruitment marketing makes a difference


Annika Bagge

Recruitment Marketing Manager

For me, recruitment marketing includes effective methods to strengthen your employer brand and attract elusive candidates. Based on the proven inbound methodology that Invise is based on, I run our department for recruitment marketing with the goal of improving and simplifying your candidate journeys.

With strong appeal and a bank of relevant candidates, you have the opportunity to capture those new colleagues who really make a difference. Solving that challenge together with you and your colleagues is both an exciting task and a fantastic opportunity!


Case Study

Increased stream of relevant candidates while strengthening the employer brand

Improved candidate stream

Strukton Rail knew that Invise worked with recruitment marketing as a method for succeeding in attracting difficult and sought-after skills. At one point, they had seven difficult roles at the same time and chose to contact Invise to do a Paid Social campaign. After defining the audience they wanted to target, a batch of video content was created which was advertised on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with the aim of increasing the stream of relevant candidates for the relevant roles.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why should we invest in recruitment marketing?

By working with recruitment marketing, you, as an employer, will get more qualitative candidates and a better candidate journey. In addition, you strengthen your employer brand, both towards the people who don’t know you and among your employees. Recruitment marketing creates an experience that makes you competitive in the candidate market at the same time as your employees become ambassadors. Looking at it from a helicopter perspective, it has positive effects on the organization at the same time as it is a cost-effective strategy over time.

Why is it called recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a combination of recruitment and marketing strategies. And just as it sounds, it means that your work will have a close collaboration and exchange of skills with the marketing department. By evaluating what your dream candidates want and need, you can tailor your communication and meet the candidates in the channels they are using. At the same time, showing transparency and being honest about how you are, as an employer, builds long lasting trust.

How to practice recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a complete solution to attract more and better relevant candidates. It is based on gaining a deeper understanding of the candidates you want to reach, so that you can develop communication that really creates value for them.

By creating interest and ensuring that you have a well-thought-out strategy with presence in the right channels, you build a strong employer brand among the people you really want to reach.

Recruitment marketing is a long-term job. By continuing to produce content while analyzing the effects, you can constantly improve both offer and reach. This results in more applications from the right candidates. It also shows a long-term perspective with good results that can be measured in both more and more satisfied employees, but also reduced costs for recruitment.

What is recruitment marketing, really?

Recruitment marketing is the strategies and tactics that a company uses to attract, engage and nurture candidates before they apply for a job. To put it simple, recruitment marketing is a performance-driven method for communicating the value of working for a specific employer, with the goal of attracting talent.

What’s the purpose of recruitment marketing?

The purpose of recruitment marketing is to attract more high quality candidates and to create a better candidate journey, to strengthen the brand and increase the value of the HR department. By doing this, you’ll build competitiveness in the candidate market, your employees stay longer and also become ambassadors and create synergies throughout the organization. In addition, it will lead to reduced recruitment costs.

What’s the difference between employer branding and recruitment marketing?

The difference between recruitment marketing and employer branding is that a the recruitment marketing effort focuses on measurable and results-driven methods to drive visibility, commitment and conversions, while employer branding is more focused on how an employer brand is perceived.

How do I create a marketing strategy linked to recruitment?

An important part of your recruitment marketing strategy is the close collaboration and exchange of skills between HR and marketing, to evaluate your dream candidates wants and needs, to show transparency and honesty about yourself as an employer, to be active in the relevant forums and channels where your candidate persona is located and to hire external agencies if interest or competence does not already exist in your organization.


We know recruitment marketing

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