Inbound marketing

Offer your customers an extraordinary experience from the very first touch. With inbound marketing, you build trust and create value through the right messages, to the right people, at the right time - for the entire customer journey. With industry-leading experience, we guide you towards a successful and measurable strategy for your marketing efforts.

What is inbound marketing?

Marketing your customers actually like

Inbound marketing is a smarter way to drive growth and build strong relationships. By earning your customers attention, you create meaningful marketing that provides concrete and measurable results.

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are like yin and yang. Instead of disturbing a potential customer with an unwelcome message, you help the customer approach you by offering answers to relevant questions and solutions to common problems. When you share knowledge, you build important trust that is required for your target group to want to do business with you.

But what matters most is how you look at your marketing. Inbound marketing is about a genuine desire to understand the customer and to be generous with knowledge that creates value for the recipient.

All in one place

Digital marketing is an ecosystem. Many features and channels must work together to achieve the bigger picture. With the help of smart software and systems, you can automate a large part of the work, which streamlines both sales and the marketing efforts. Inbound marketing has the best effect if you gather everything in one tool where you can measure, evaluate and optimize all your marketing efforts.

A selection of our customers

An unbeatable experience

When we started Invise, we talked more about sales than marketing. As an agency, it seemed a bit odd, especially at a time when no one had heard of inbound marketing. But even today it is fundamental to us. We value sales and actual results more than anything else.

Camilla Agardh, CEO and founder

Inbound marketing increases sales

Behind every purchase is a maturation process. The larger the purchase, the longer the process tends to be. Inbound marketing takes this into account and facilitates the initial part of the decision. In this way, you’ll save time and can use your resources where you get the most bang for the buck - in meetings with customers, in the right target group, and with people interested in what you actually offer.

But it's not just leads

Larger customers - check. Less admin - check. Better cross-selling - check. Inbound marketing is, as you understand, more than an effective way to generate leads. When you create a solid foundation for your inbound marketing work, you have the opportunity to scale and develop everything that has to do with customer relationships. Whether it is about supporting existing sales processes, evaluating your content marketing or building a better sales pipeline, you have the foundation you need to gain valuable insights and improve your work over time.

The entire customer journey from start to finish

From the first touch to a long-term relationship that lasts for several years. It is the comprehensive understanding of the customer journey that makes inbound marketing so successful. Instead of having one strategy for marketing automation, another for content marketing and a third for social media, inbound marketing brings all activities with the target group in focus. By connecting all customer communication with your website, your sales dialogues and your customer service, inbound marketing becomes an effective method for creating unique insights for your business - and an unbeatable overall experience for your customers!


Marketing and sales complete each other

It is easy to understand the benefit of a close collaboration between sales and marketing in theory. But how do you make it work in practice? We work daily with companies that make this move. Feel free to talk to us and we will explain how to proceed.

A common misunderstanding is that the marketing department has to do half the work by creating leads for the sales reps to close. But inbound marketing works best when marketing and sales work together in a way that suits your company. Joint and tailored processes that are centered around the customer helps you optimize the internal work and contribute to seamless customer experiences.

Invise is proactive, genuine, easy to work with and always delivers with the ultimate goal in mind

Ludvig & Co

Sweden's first HubSpot Elite Partner

”After many years of success with HubSpot, Invise has become the first Elite partner to be headquartered in Sweden. Invise has set themselves apart by evolving from a marketing agency to a growth agency that helps their customers with the full HubSpot CRM platform. They are results driven, they are super fun, and they are growing very fast. I am delighted to welcome them to HubSpot’s top tier.”

– Yamini Rangan
CCO, HubSpot

Ready. Set. Go.


Inbound marketing is a long-term initiative. In collaboration with us, we create a timeline together with you and your team so you know what to expect from day one.

For maximal results


We know. It's not the most fun to wait when you just want to get started. But even if you are well acquainted with inbound marketing, it is important that we start with the right strategy for your particular company. Setting the right goals, identifying KPIs, defining target groups and creating consensus for the investment going forward is the key to a long-term functioning collaboration and magical results.


To get a perfect start, you need the right technical setup and relevant messages to share with your potential customers. This is the foundation that will grow and function as a hub throughout your marketing efforts over time. This is where things start to happen! Normally, the implementation takes between one and two months.


This is where the real results are kicking in. When all assets of your inbound marketing project are solid, it's time for fine-tuning and optimization. Your inbound marketing develops with your company and the more data, insights and feedback you collect, the better results you will get. Once we have a deeper understanding of what works for your business, it's time to take your inbound marketing to the next level.

Case Study

Progressive recruitment agency acquires virtual marketing department

New website visitors
+ 160%
Unique visitors for inbound content
+ 257%

Our partnership with Wise Professionals extends over many years. Together, we have experienced both successes and challenges. Over the years, we have gone from small projects to operating a complete virtual marketing department. Our partnership is incredibly broad - Invise have almost been involved and co-shaping basically everything you meet in Wise Professional's digital presence.

HubSpot - Everything you need for inbound marketing


CRM system, web publishing tool, marketing automation platform, sales enablement and customer success features. HubSpot is all the machinery you need. HubSpot's technical platform has what it takes to connect the various parts of the customer journey and get sales, marketing and customer service to play together under one roof.

HubSpot is a comprehensive tool that ties everything together, but also maintains a high level in each part and feature separately. You choose which license and which features you want to be included in your platform. With the help of HubSpot, your team gets a 360-degree view of the customer journey. By taking part in analyzes and investigating visitor interactions, you can improve the experience for your customers while cranking your results at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is about deserving your potential customers attention by offering information and insights that create value for the recipient. By understanding the target group, your buyer personas and your target group's needs, businesses can help a potential customer in each step of the buyer's journey with helpful and educational material that takes the customer from A to Z and beyond. One example can be content in the form of blog posts, articles, posts on social media, automated emails or downloadable e-books. It can also be interactive features or user-friendly design of a website.

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing attracts customers by earning their attention, building trust, and helping them solve their problems. This means that you educate your target group on their terms by offering relevant communication and guiding them onto the next step in their buying journey. Examples of inbound marketing are articles, blog posts, social channel posts, personal emails, e-books, guides, checklists and videos.

With outbound marketing, you try to win customers by breaking into their everyday life with intrusive messages to convince them to buy. Examples of outbound marketing are cold calls, telemarketing, radio advertising, banners and classic newspaper ads.

What does inbound marketing cost?

The price tag on inbound marketing differs for different types of businesses. Your budget may look different depending on how much you want to invest and what results you are looking for. Other factors that affect the cost of your inbound marketing efforts are what resources you have access to internally. If you have an entire marketing team that consists of specialists with the different skills needed, you can do a lot yourself. If you do not have the right team inhouse, you may need to bring in a few different specialists from an agency.

How to create an inbound marketing strategy?

An inbound marketing strategy contains several parts, but is always based on the company's business goals. Important parts for developing a strategy are in-depth knowledge of the target group, analysis, technical solutions, content marketing, channel selection and advertising. Do you need help getting started? Book a free video meeting with one of our inbound specialists!

Is inbound marketing time consuming?

Inbound is a broad term. Of course, the time you need to invest depends on what you want to do and how your marketing and sales department is organized. It can be anything from a few hours a month to several full-time jobs.

When can I see the results of my inbound marketing efforts?

Depending on your starting point, it will differ in regards to time, but generally results will start yielding in 2-6 months. ROI can take longer than that, especially for long sales cycles.

Do I need to use HubSpot for inbound marketing?

Yes, we believe so. When it comes to inbound marketing, there is no platform that beats HubSpot! As a top partner, we are of course biased, but that does not affect the fact that HubSpot is developed to get the maximum exchange of inbound marketing. You can use other tools, platforms and services for inbound marketing, but you will, to some extent, be limited. With HubSpot, you have all the functions you need in one place - easy for you and your customers.

Is inbound marketing suitable for my business?

Inbound marketing is a bigger area of expertise than you might think and is in general suitable for almost all companies. The biggest exception is FMCG where the sales cycles are very short. Talk to us and we will explain what results you can expect from starting your work with inbound marketing.

What skills are needed for inbound marketing?

Marketing, sales and product owners must be represented in some form for you to excel with inbound marketing. Oftentimes it is also good to have the IT department involved.

Are you fun to work with?

Yes, in our opinion we are the most fun partner you can have! Obviously a subjective opinion. Try us out and see what you think!


Talk to a trusted inbound partner

Is inbound marketing a good fit for you? How do you get started? What goals should you set? And what can you expect?

Our specialists are not just professionals in the inbound realm. They also have a passion for finding tailored solutions that help companies achieve their goals effectively.

Do you want to know more? Meet one of our inbound specialists for a 30 minutes free inbound marketing advice session.

A selection of our customers

Totalt omtag av hela den publika karriär- och employer branding-plattformen för ICA Gruppen genom strategi, content och UX-design.

Mångårigt samarbete med stort djup som utvecklat Ludvig inom både marknad, sälj och teknik.

Nära samarbete med Vattenfalls B2B-avdelning med fokus på strategi, teknik, säljprocess och optimering.

Employer branding-kampanj med fokus på performance, content, video och design som gav +79% besök på karriärsidan, +94% ansökningar och +127% kallade till intervju.

Resultatstyrt samarbete över flertalet områden från strategi till ABM, säljprocess, teknisk integration, content och performance marketing.

Framgångsrik kampanj för att attrahera de bästa medarbetarna inom kategorin Young Professionals genom recruitment marketing och content, video, design och performance.

HubSpot är ett viktigt verktyg för Tink, och som ledande HubSpot-byrå i Norden har vi på Invise hjälpt till att strukturera sälj- och lead management-processen.

Nära samarbete för att utveckla ny hemsida med fokus på webbutveckling, UX-design och UX-writing som växt till att omfatta strategi, kampanj, performance marketing och mycket mer.