Create, view and report on tickets from Zendesk using HubSpot to get a 360 view.
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Zendesk by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with Zendesk

Even though HubSpot Service Hub is a fully functional and customizable ticket system, we understand that, sometimes, you want to stay on the software you’re used to. This integration makes HubSpot and Zendesk work together in harmony, not losing the 360 view that you’re looking for to provide a top class experience.

Zendesk is a market leading ticketing and customer support platform enabling service teams around the world to stay in touch with their customers and making a streamlined process around it - measuring efficiency and keeping your response time fast as lightning.

Even though a native Zendesk/HubSpot integration already exists in the HubSpot App Marketplace, it’s not sufficient for most customers. A quick look at the reviews proves this integrations’ right to exist.

Integration Features

See open and closed ticket directly on contact and customer cards

By using this integration we will trick HubSpot into thinking the tickets are actually a part of Service Hub. By doing this “replica” inside HubSpot it means that all the built in functionality like reporting, visual information and 360 views easily can be seen in the context of a sales process.

Create tickets in Zendesk by creating a ticket in HubSpot

Sometimes a rep outside the support team wants to create and hand over a ticket to the support department. With this integration we can easily divide sales, first and second line support agents to work in the environment of their choice.

Communicate with all insights, don't screw up

It doesn't matter if you're in marketing or sales - you need to know the customer journey in order to communicate in the right way. If you’re a sales rep you want to know if a customer already sent in 12 different tickets being mad at your product or service. Maybe it’s not the perfect time to offer a cross sell opportunity at that time. Same goes for Marketing when sending out campaigns or other offers.

Share relevant data between your favourite systems

When building this custom integration we make sure that the fields, tags and properties that are relevant for your company gets displayed in the right way in each of the systems. This means a manager or CEO can easily create a co-report on everything from sales forecast, marketing ROI and SLA ticket response time in the same dashboard.


  • Customer support

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