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UpSales by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with UpSales

UpSales is one of Sweden's biggest sales CRMs and is deeply connected to the most common tech stacks Swedish and Nordic companies use for prospecting, lead intelligence, and account management.

We get it; leaving a known and comfortable CRM solution for something entirely new, like HubSpot, can feel like a massive undertaking. 
At the same time, you’re aware that no business can scale or grow without a seamless relationship between marketing and sales. That’s why we built this integration between UpSales and HubSpot - to get the best of both worlds.

You don’t need extraordinary technical skills to connect this integration. As long as you know your set-up, it’s as easy as pie. Follow our step-by-step guide to be up and running in no time.

Integration Features

Close the gap between marketing and sales

This integration will help your business grow without the need to examine two separate systems. Your marketing team will get data on what deals your company is handling, and will hence be able to make data-driven decisions based on the quality of leads, close rate, and proven customer journeys. On the other hand, your sales reps will get a steady and relevant stream of qualified leads entering the UpSales portal. Don’t just send all contacts between the systems - use lists to only send relevant leads to UpSales to prevent cluttering your current structure.

Give your customers a first-class experience

When you share only relevant information between marketing and sales, you minimize the risk for poor communication and segmentation. By sharing insights between the two systems, you’re sure to contact the right people at the right step of their customer journey – giving them a personalized experience. You don’t want to send a cold reach-out email to an already paying customer. This integration will help you stay relevant.

Work in your natural habitat

Change can be inconvenient for a number of reasons. But by keeping your sales team in an UpSales environment, and giving your marketing team the best resources and features HubSpot has to offer, your entire company can stay happy while achieving the overall business goals. Working in two systems is not a problem anymore!

Get the data that helps you close more deals

As a sales rep, a good brief and understanding before your first reach-out is critical. By sending insights and behavioral data from HubSpot to UpSales, you’ll know exactly how to initiate the call, how to be relevant, and how to solve the customer in question’s problem. Same thing goes for marketers – what’s the actual ROI on your latest campaign? With our integration, there’s no longer a need to guess or measure using the wrong parameters. By sharing data between systems, you’ll be able to see exactly what drives your business's revenue.


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