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Teamtailor by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with Teamtailor

Teamtailor is an all-in-one ATS system designed to attract, engage, and recruit top candidates. The company has grown tremendously in recent years and has many big names in its customer base. Since ATS is a function that HubSpot is not fully designed for, we have seen many companies requesting a more integrated view of both customers and candidates.

By connecting Teamtailor with HubSpot, we can get a good overview that helps us determine if a candidate or customer may have a mixed role. It can also be as simple as ensuring that candidates or job seekers do not become part of your regular sales process. With this integration, we separate, combine, and excel on all available data.

Integration Features

Get an overview of candidates and customers

Or vice versa. Sometimes one person can have different personas. And sometimes we may only want to communicate with one of them! Teamtailor does its thing super well, and HubSpot does its thing super well. By combining and sharing data between systems, we ensure who is who.

Find opportunities in more than one place

Sometimes, a bigger and more complex picture of a customer or candidate can be useful. With HubSpot's highly advanced relationship building, we can connect candidate A and B with customer C. We can also label how the relationship looks and at which stage each candidate is in - all to keep great track.

Do not just report on inflow

If we have all the data shared, we can create granular reports on how relationships, recruitment processes, and staffing look. HubSpot allows you to report on almost anything - as long as the data is there. This integration ensures that this is the case.

Include and exclude

At Invise, we work with both Teamtailor and HubSpot ourselves. It's important for us not to distract our salespeople with, for them, irrelevant leads. Through our connection, we can quickly see that job seekers end up in their own candidate journey and that those we really want to invest time in from sales have their own journey.


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