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SuperOffice by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with SuperOffice

SuperOffice is a European CRM system used by many Swedish companies. The system meets the usual needs of sales departments and is, in some cases, customizable to your specific needs. However, what’s missing (at least not sufficient) are the marketing-related parts where Invise usually recommends more comprehensive functionality.

Integrating SuperOffice with HubSpot gives you the benefits of measuring and collecting more detailed information about the leads and customers you attract. HubSpot's Marketing Hub is globally top-rated and the insights it provides can be used in all your processes = a more tailored and contextual customer journey!

Integration Features

Sync information between systems

Maybe you want to have your master data in SuperOffice and ensure that it is always up to date. By sending back information about how you have pushed leads further in your sales funnel, the marketing team can also get relevant information about what works or doesn't work - all you need to work better together.

Gain insights into your customer journeys

In a sales dialogue, it's important to be relevant. By having insights into what your prospective customers have done on your website, which emails they have opened, and which original source they come from, you can more easily initiate a conversation based on where the customer is - in their buying journey.

Smarketing - an overused but important term

When sales and marketing work closely together, big results await. But it's easy to talk about it, have meetings about it, and have good intentions. However, if you don't have systems that support you in connecting the two parts, this work will suffer. With this integration, we ensure that both teams get as much as possible out of their collaboration.

Report even more

Now that we can connect a lead's first visit to your website to becoming a paying and loyal customer, we can also make data-driven conclusions about how we should work in the future. Maybe we should make more of X and less of Y. Shared data will ensure you have reliable data to act on.


  • Sales
  • Marketing

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What we need from you in order to provide the best possible follow-up is that you try to answer these questions as best you can:
  • Which systems do you want to integrate?
  • Which use cases should be supported?
  • What are must-haves and what are nice-to-haves?
  • How much data flow are we talking about approximately?
  • Does the synchronization have to be in real time or is a daily update sufficient?
  • Do you want us to take responsibility for the entire work, or do you want us as a senior advisor?
  • Do you have an existing integration platform or  is there something else we should know about?

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