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Shopify by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with Shopify

Shopify is one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms for a reason. Since HubSpot today lacks strong support for ecommerce in its own CMS (everything is possible of course, but everything also has its price), we believe that this synchronization works incredibly well.

By integrating Shopify with HubSpot, we get a lot of valuable insights that allow us to take action. Everything from abandoned cart triggers and campaigns, to which products have sold the absolute best - whether it's within a specific company through B2B or high-volume products for the B2C market. Contact us if you want an experienced HubSpot and Shopify integrator.

Integration Features

Bring all Shopify data into HubSpot

There is a wealth of data in Shopify. Everything from your different products to when someone has left a product in their shopping cart. When we connect Shopify to HubSpot, we synchronize the data giving us the ability to create relevant and real-time triggered communication directly with the customer.

Let Shopify be a part of your HubSpot ecosystem

Shopify handles ecommerce like a pro. But Shopify is also built for that purpose. Of course, there are plug-ins to use, but a scalable solution connected with everything from customer dialogue, support tickets, and social media ads needs a more stable platform - HubSpot. In this integration, we get the two parts to work together, which gives us a detailed insight into our customers' behaviors and patterns.

Report on everything in one place

Since Shopify and HubSpot can share data, we can also report in a very detailed way. You may sell niche products to a narrow B2B market and want to know how many spare parts that particular company has purchased in the last year and compare it to another company? This integration will give you the answers and create the overall picture you can act on.

Automated workflows

If a person is interested in dog beds but obviously hasn't clicked on the cat section of your website, we can use that data to segment the contact into their own list, their own email flow, or text message outreach for the loyalty program. Of course, we can also use HubSpot Service Hub's features for customer surveys or hear how satisfied they are with their latest support ticket.


  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Web/CMS
  • Other

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