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SAP Business One by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is one of the world's largest ERP/business systems, designed for small and medium-sized businesses with all of its built-in functions that support you in areas like operations, finance, and HR. By integrating HubSpot with SAP Business One, everyone wins - whether you are in the operations, finance, or sales team.

The integration is usually based on synchronizing and visualizing relevant data from both systems, which gives all departments a better understanding and insight into each other's work which avoids working on two monitors at the same time.

Integration Features

Access critical business data in one system

For a salesperson, it’s often crucial to know how a project is progressing to see up sell or cross sell opportunities, but it could also be as easy as automatically creating an invoice based on a signed contract. For the finance department, it may be helpful to have all company information on the new customer directly in SAP Business One instead of searching for the responsible salesperson. And for operations or production teams, it might also be of great value to be able to allocate your stand-by-team for example when a salesperson has an 80% probability of closing a deal.

Determine master data

Companies usually want the business system to hold the final truth regarding products, invoicing, actual orders and alike. However, at the same time, a business system typically cannot have up-to-date information about the likelihood of closing a deal or other sales process related information. Through this integration, you can decide what data is owned by what system and which system can create, update, or delete data from the other one.

Streamline your teams

With this integration, we can create an order, invoice, or whatever you wish based on a closed deal. When this order is created in SAP Business One, we can also include critical information such as contact information, invoice details, bought products, and customer IDs. Ofcourse the same applies the other way around. If we already know the invoice information, or have customer data in SAP, we can provide it directly in your CRM, HubSpot, so that a salesperson can close the deal with as little friction as possible.

Create smart automation

SAP Business One and other ERPs are known for their scalability but often infamous for their inflexibility regarding process controls that are intuitive. As we share data between the two systems, it enables you to create everything from customer journeys, sales processes, or support cases in HubSpot - with data that you own and fully control.


  • Business & economy
  • HR
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Other

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