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PE Accounting by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with PE Accounting

Getting finance, sales, and marketing to seamlessly work together saves a lot of time and headaches. By integrating PE Accounting with HubSpot, you can avoid working twice as hard, and we serve finance with the customer and business information they need, while your sales team can follow up on invoicing directly in their CRM - HubSpot.

PE Accounting is a well-known Swedish software for accounting, payroll, and invoicing - a business system. Connect HubSpot to your current system flora and streamline your flows between sales and finance departments. Get the right data at the right time!

Integration Features

Timing is everything

We prefer to work with HubSpot's so-called "customer workflow actions" instead of hardcoding how you "should" work. With this feature, your company can decide when data should be shared. Instead of creating an invoice for every closed deal, you may initially want to create a customer card when a deal has an 80% probability of closing, and when a deal is closed, you may want to create an order rather than an invoice. With our custom integration, you decide - the functionality is in your hands!

Sync data back and forth

Usually, a business system is the source of truth regarding the product database. You may have a multitude of products or services with different SKU codes that should never be overwritten. We advocate synchronizing your product library from the business system to HubSpot. This means that as soon as you change, update, add, or remove a product in PE Accounting, it is also updated in HubSpot. This allows salespeople to always work with relevant and up-to-date products that are then re-synchronized to PE Accounting - with or without discounts!

Minimize tedious administration

As we synchronize data (based on your wishes), it means that your sales department no longer needs to work in two systems or send customer and billing information to the finance department via email. Instead, we can synchronize relevant data such as invoice address, customer number, or whatever you need!

Get the right data in the right place

Let's say you want to close a deal. You may want to see if the latest invoice is paid or delayed, or if a delivery is on its way or delayed. By fetching this data from PE Accounting we can visualize it directly on a customer or deal card giving you the right insights to make decisions on the go.


  • Business & economy
  • Sales

Ready? Let's do it!

We'll help you define, quote and implement the integration you want - even if it's not listed here!

What we need from you in order to provide the best possible follow-up is that you try to answer these questions as best you can:
  • Which systems do you want to integrate?
  • Which use cases should be supported?
  • What are must-haves and what are nice-to-haves?
  • How much data flow are we talking about approximately?
  • Does the synchronization have to be in real time or is a daily update sufficient?
  • Do you want us to take responsibility for the entire work, or do you want us as a senior advisor?
  • Do you have an existing integration platform or  is there something else we should know about?

If you don't know the answer to one or more of the questions above, no problem - we will help you develop a good requirement specification!

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