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OneSignal by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with OneSignal

In 2021 Invise started using OneSignal as the go-to software for notifications of all sorts. Based on how impressive the integration with HubSpot was we decided to partner with them in 2022. Where HubSpot works as the big engine for triggering and logic, OneSignal expands HubSpot from being a email marketing tool to being suitable for real-time or automated notifications way beyond email.

HubSpot themselves have invested in OneSignal, giving us a seal of approval that this is the future. No longer is HubSpot equal to “B2B” and long sales cycles, but can also be used for B2C, SaaS-companies and retail companies around the world.

Integration Features

Extend HubSpot beyond emails

By using this integration we can customize and personalize outreach directly on your website, phone app or software application. Let’s say you run an Uber competitor. A user of your services has been active using taxis at least 10 times this year, but for some reason haven't done a trip in a month. Use the HubSpot and OneSignal integration to send a push notification offering a 20% discount on their next ride. Smooth!

Use HubSpot as the source of truth for customer journeys

By not using a separate push software like Firebase, we can keep our 360 view of the customer inside the HubSpot CRM. And based on segments or triggers that you see fit, utilize the data in HubSpot to give the customer a gentle nudge wherever they are.

Streamline your onboarding processes

Let’s say you're a SaaS provider and want to lower churn on that 7-day trial that you offer. What better way to do this than providing in-app notifications and guided tutorials giving them the full insights of your software - without even lifting a finger.

Push real time data

Not only do you want to use HubSpot for lead nurturing or pushing them down the funnel. Using HubSpot and OneSignal will help you push relevant information to your customers as a part of the experience. As soon as something happens - a purchase, a bookmaker tip or 30 minutes of inactivity on a high intent page - use HubSpot and OneSignal to help out!


  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Web/CMS
  • Other

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