Leverage up-to-date data insights from D&B directly into your HubSpot sales process.
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Dun&Bradstreet (D&B, fka. Bisnode) by Invise - Integration Overview'

HubSpot Integration with Dun&Bradstreet

Dun&Bradstreet enriches your data with key figures - everything from credit scores to detailed industry SSN codes fresh out of the oven. HubSpots built-in data enrichment tool (HubSpot Insights) somewhat struggles when it comes to up-to-date and accurate data in most countries outside the U.S.

By connecting D&B to HubSpot we can utilize the sharing of data in multiple ways, for example;

  • Enrich contact and company data
  • Prospect relevant verticals and import into HubSpot
  • Use it for financial services to understand ability to pay invoices
  • Subscribe to organizational changes and key stakeholders movements

Dun&Bradstreet (formerly known as Bisnode) is an international company providing commercial data, analytics and insights for businesses around the globe. By connecting D&B to HubSpot you’ll get the best of both worlds and turbocharging the data quality of your HubSpot portal.

Integration Features

Data enrichment

When prospecting and working with new customers you want to make sure you have the adequate data to provide the best experience and to qualify the leads in an efficient way. Connecting the dots is more important than ever, and this integration will do exactly that.

Prospecting the right companies

If you’re working in a niche market or with specific target groups you want lead - and not just any leads - but relevant and good leads. Dun&Bradstreet will supply the most relevant companies, and HubSpot will help you close them.

Credit insights and financial information

Dun&Bradstreet is also a perfect tool for getting financial information about your contacts and companies, and by getting that information straight into your HubSpot CRM - you'll have all the details to move your opportunities down the funnel.

Organizational updates

Did the CEO move from one company to another? Or are there any changes in the C-level department of Customer X? By subscribing to changes in company structures you know that you'll have the right stakeholders involved in your process. This data can be visualized in various ways in HubSpot - from updating specific fields to being displayed as CRM cards/modules.


  • Business & economy
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Other

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