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Caspeco by Invise - Integration Overview

HubSpot Integration with Caspeco

Caspeco is a Swedish POS, bookings and employee management for hospitality businesses. A lot of restaurants and similar are using Caspeco to handle everything from table bookings to cashiers registrering that extra beer after 1am. What could possibly make a system like this better? HubSpot.

By connecting Caspeco to HubSpot we can easily connect reservations to specific dates and restaurants, follow up with communication and surveys - before, during and after their visits and get good reports and sales forecasting in the HubSpot CRM. This integration is connected in two different ways; one that is fetching all the online form registrations (table bookings, activities like bowling and alike), but also a direct sync between your Caspeco portal and HubSpot ensuring we have the latest information even though the booking might be made by phone calls or a walk-in-visit.

Integration Features

Get customer insights in HubSpot

This integration will supply HubSpot with relevant information and customer insights making your marketing campaigns more accurate. Maybe you want to send a specific VIP invitation to people visiting your restaurant over 5 times in the last 6 months. As the two systems are sharing this information, it will be like stealing candy from a kid.

Automate processes based on Caspeco data

Let’s say someone books a table at your restaurant in two weeks. After submitting the booking they get a thank you email automatically. On the date of the booking we’ll send them an SMS reminding them of the booking and wishing them welcome. Two days later - we want to know what they think of the service - an automated customer survey is being sent.

Work with no-touch for B2C customers and create a sales process for B2B

Because of HubSpots very competent features of creating segmentation and flows - we can tell HubSpot to separate deals based on restaurant, B2C or B2C and have them enter a booking pipeline of their own, helping us create rules and different processes depending on customer type.

Use HubSpot as a sales machine and capacity management tool

Bookings will display on the right day - 7 days a week. That will give us insights to how well we’re utilizing our restaurant or activity center. Maybe we know that we have many available slots for bowling this Friday - let’s create a marketing offer with a discount for 50%!


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