Atrium Ljungberg
How a leading property company captures and handles leads in a scalable way

When their manual lead management process and in-house marketing resources could no longer keep up with their ambitious growth pace, Atrium Ljungberg turned to Invise.

Thanks to automated processes in HubSpot, and a wide range of specialists under one roof, the property company is able to reach the right target group for each project – and provide the sales team with warm leads.

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(About the client)

Atrium Ljungberg, one of Sweden's leading property companies, boasts a strong presence in the country's four largest cities. In Stockholm, the company is a key player in the development of growing areas such as Sickla, Slakthusområdet, Hagastaden, and Slussen.

The company’s holistic perspective sets them apart in their industry, encompassing far more than just buildings. The vision “Our city – where everyone thrives” highlights Atrium Ljungberg’s focus on creating vibrant urban environments where everything that makes cities great – residential housing, offices, retail, culture, healthcare, and education – comes together.

"With Invise, we’ve found a long-term partner who really understands our business and can help us push our boundaries. The more we see of their expertise, the more we want.”

Daniel Nilsson, Digital Marketing Strategist, Atrium Ljungberg


Ambitious growth rate

Atrium Ljungberg has several major building projects planned for the next ten years. Consequently, there’s a growing portfolio of objects to match with the right customers – from the couple looking for their dream home to the startup company outgrowing its office space. For Digital Strategist Daniel Nilsson and his team, the sheer amount of projects to market was becoming increasingly difficult to handle with their existing tools and resources.

Complex buyer’s journeys

In the property sector, sales processes tend to be long and mainly analog – the customers want to look around the places they’re considering renting or buying. Before, when there were fewer projects, Atrium Ljungberg relied on manual processes to handle incoming leads. When someone filled out a form to show their interest in a particular object, a sales rep contacted them directly. But, as the number of projects and potential customers grew, it became clear that parts of the customer journey needed to be automated in order to scale.



Smarter processes with the right system (and partners)

By the end of 2021, Atrium Ljungberg was ready to take the next step towards a more efficient lead management process. But what tools and partners would they use? Daniel Nilsson explains:

— We were considering several different systems, but HubSpot turned out to be the most comprehensive solution based on our needs. Invise, as a partner agency, impressed with great expertise not only in the platform but also in the wider areas of inbound and B2B marketing. We quickly realized the potential of this combination in supporting our business going forward.

Daniel also highlights the importance of ‘soft values’  ​when choosing an agency:

— We wanted to find a long-term partner with people we would enjoy working with. Invise is a family business with an employee culture similar to ours. We clicked immediately.

A thorough onboarding to tools and methodology

HubSpot as a system and inbound as a strategy were both new to Atrium Ljungberg. During the start-up phase, Invise held several workshops and training sessions to help Daniel and his colleagues get started. In the process, the agency's specialists – Growth Manager, Marketing Automation Specialist, and Copywriter – were able to gain an in-depth understanding of Atrium Ljungberg's business and target audiences.

— Invise were very good at asking the right questions to gain the information they needed from us. Getting these strategic elements in place, such as buyer personas and buyer journeys, was valuable to us as well, Daniel recalls.

Clear process for incoming leads

Invise helped Atrium Ljungberg set up a process for what happens to their incoming leads. In the process, each contact is provided with relevant content through a series of automated emails. This not only saves time for Atrium Ljungberg but also offers customers a well-timed and tailored experience from the initial interest to the first meeting with a salesperson.

— At first, starting at that end felt a bit backward. But now I see it made sense to have a plan in place before we started filling our funnel with new leads. Otherwise, we might have had bottleneck issues as we began to scale up our marketing efforts, says Daniel.

Content covering the entire buyer's journey

Atrium Ljungberg already had some content on their website, such as reports and articles. However, most of the material was adapted for the early stage of the buyer’s journey (awareness). With the help of Invise, new content was created, aimed at those who are closer to a purchasing decision (consideration and decision), as well as new gated content that the target group can only access after submitting their email address. As a result, the company could fill its email workflows with content that gradually guides the recipient further along the buyer’s journey, while also capturing new leads to start nurturing.

— We tried this setup on a small scale first with a project in the Slakthusområdet area, where we already had some interested contacts. When we saw how many of them clicked the links in the emails to visit our website, it confirmed that we had created a relevant content mix, Daniel explains.

The successful setup could then be copied and adapted to other areas and projects in Atrium Ljungberg's growing portfolio

Close collaboration with sales

The leads who show the most interest in the content of the emails are passed on to sales. After an initial assessment of their quality and relevance by a dedicated salesperson, the contacts are distributed to the different sales reps for each area.

— The collaboration between marketing and sales has really improved a lot. The salespeople see that what we do in HubSpot provides them with more and warmer leads to book meetings with, so they’re very happy. Now we have joint weekly meetings where we discuss the needs for future campaigns, the success of our different content pieces, and what marketing material we can produce to support the sales dialogues, says Daniel.

More leads with scaled-up advertising

If 2022 was about getting started with HubSpot and setting up processes for handling incoming leads, the focus in 2023 was filling the sales pipeline with more potential customers. Before, Atrium Ljungberg had managed their advertising on Google and social media using internal resources and the help of a smaller agency. But with the volume required for 2024, this was no longer feasible. To hit the ground running with their scaled-up marketing, Atrium Ljungberg decided to expand the collaboration with Invise. The agency added specialists in SEO, Paid Marketing, and Project Management to their dedicated client team.

— Invise know our business and are fast and flexible. They also provide new perspectives, which is valuable. We produce a lot of material in-house, but it’s very reassuring to be able to order material for campaigns, even at short notice, and know the standard will be really high, says Daniel.


(Exemples of ad results)

Ad 1 — Awareness

  • Target group: Company list
  • CPM: 106,5 kr
  • Benchmark: 352 kr

Ad 2 — Traffic

  • Target group: Company list
  • CTR: 1,14%
  • Benchmark: 0,55%

Ad 3 — Lead gen

  • Target group: Retargeted company list
  • Lead gen completion rate: 1818%
  • Benchmark: 10%

(Exemples of activities)

  • Implementation of HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Buyer Personas
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content and ad production Performance
  • Marketing (LinkedIn & Google Ads)
  • Continuous following-up and optimization


  • 9 000+ new incoming contacts during 2023 = an increase of more than 3x compared to 2022
  • 300+ new leads from advertising in 2023 = an increase of almost 5x compared to 2022

Success factors according to Daniel Nilsson

A thorough start — and continuous support

— I underestimated the amount of work it takes to follow through on such a big shift as the one we’ve made. Because Invise took the time to get to know our business from the start, they’re able to support us in a way that pushes us forward based on where we are as a company. The collaboration is now at a point where I can even ask Invise for help with slides for internal presentations – and they nail it.

Growing with one partner

— Invise offers a great range, with many talented specialists under one roof. This means we can get off the ground quickly and be flexible in the support we ask for. We’ve added so much more to the collaboration than I initially thought. But when you like something, you want more of it. Recently, we’ve started creating videos together, which also looks very promising.

Start small and scale up what works

— Our projects are in areas with quite different characters and target groups. But we’ve still been able to scale up our advertising and email workflows effectively by using the same foundation and tweaking the content. Now that we're starting to get a larger volume of data, I'm looking forward to taking the results to the next level by analyzing and optimizing even more.

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